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Raising the Minimum Wage for Working Men and Women in California and the Rest of America
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Wal-Mart Says It Won't Oppose Increase in Minimum Wage

Nation's Largest Retailer Says It Isn't a Minimum Wage Payer

Wal-Mart's 'Neutral Stance' on the Minimum Wage Hurts Business

The discount retailer is forgetting the basic principle of business that those who earn more also spend more.

At Walmart, Higher Wages Lift All Carts

Walmart, Peter Thiel, the Weekly Standard, and Other Dog-Biters

Why Backing the Minimum Wage Hike Makes Sense — for Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart Says ‘Looking’ at Support of Minimum Wage Raise

What's Good for America Is Good for Wal-Mart, and Vice-Versa

Can Right and Left Rally Against Walmart?

Underpaid Workers Need Our Support

What Walmart Could Learn from Henry Ford

The car maker nearly tripled wages for Model T factory workers a century ago, allowing them to afford his cars

How McDonald's and Wal-Mart Became Welfare Queens

Why Wal-Mart Can Afford to Give Its Workers a 50% Raise

The world's largest retailer is under fire for its low wages. But the numbers show it can easily pay more without tanking its stock.

Wal-Mart's Low Wages Cost Taxpayers

Living Wage Policies and Big-Box Retail

How a Higher Wage Standard Would Impact Walmart Workers and Shoppers