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Raising the Minimum Wage for Working Men and Women in California and the Rest of America
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Raising the Minimum Wage Is More Popular Than Capitalism

Poll Results: Minimum Wage

Most See Inequality Growing, But Partisans Differ Over Solutions

54% Favor Taxing the Wealthy to Expand Aid to Poor

Poll: Most Back Minimum Wage Hike

Most Back Minimum Wage Hike & Policies to Address the Wealth Gap

Majority of Americans Want Minimum Wage to be Increased, Poll Finds

Americans Broadly Support Minimum-Wage Hike

National Journal poll finds only 28 percent of respondents think an increase would hurt the economy.

Reason-Rupe Poll: 72 Percent Favor Raising the Minimum Wage But 57 Percent Would Oppose If It Costs Jobs

Americans like the idea of hiking the cost of labor, but only if it doesn't price workers out of jobs.

U.S. Small-Business Owners Split on Raising Minimum Wage

Six in 10 small-business owners say wage increase will harm businesses

Poll: Americans Overwhelmingly Support Increase in Minimum Wage

New Gallup poll shows 76% of Americans want wage to increase; trend shows consistent support for increased federal minimum wage

Most Americans for Raising Minimum Wage

Tying minimum-wage increases to inflation is slightly less popular