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Major Topic Archive - Higher Wages for American Workers
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Raising the Minimum Wage for Working Men and Women in California and the Rest of America

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What's Good for America is Good for Wal-Mart, and Vice-Versa

A Wage Hike Campaign From An Unlikely Source

Silicon Valley multimillionaire Ron Unz is sponsoring a ballot initiative to raise California's minimum wage to $12 an hour, up from $8. NPR's Lynn Neary talks with the multimillionaire conservative, the former publisher of the American Conservative magazine, about why.

Will There Be a Vote on Inequality?

How California Can Raise All Boats

Lifting Our State Above Mississippi and Alabama

Democrats Turn to Minimum Wage as 2014 Strategy

The Past and Future of America's Social Contract

In the 20th century, the United States moved from an economy based on high wages and reliable benefits to a system of low wages and cheap consumer prices, to the detriment of workers. What's next?

Supersize My Wage

Everything You Ever Needed to Know About the Minimum Wage

Who earns it? Does it help the poor? Does it really kill jobs? Those answers, and more.

Raising the Floor

America's minimum-wage debate has rolled around again.

Reason-Rupe Poll: 72 Percent Favor Raising the Minimum Wage but 57 Percent Would Oppose If It Costs Jobs

Americans like the idea of hiking the cost of labor, but only if it doesn't price workers out of jobs.

Raising the Minimum Wage: Old Shibboleths, New Evidence

$12 per Hour Minimum Wage?

The Moral and Economic Imperative to Raise the Minimum Wage

If an adult working a full-time job can't eat, find a place to live, and clothe herself, then the United States is breaking its social contract.

Raise the Minimum Wage to $12 an Hour

The Minimum-Wage Cure for Illegal Immigration

The Minimum We Can Do

Ballot Measure Seeks to Raise Calif. Minimum Wage

Ron Unz’s Campaign for a Higher Minimum Wage

Most Americans for Raising Minimum Wage

Tying minimum-wage increases to inflation is slightly less popular

Open Borders, American Elites, and the Minimum Wage

Views change about massive immigration once both sides of the issue are heard

Low-Wage Fast-Food Jobs Leave Hefty Tax Bill, Report Says

On Labor Day 2013, Welfare Pays More Than Minimum-Wage Work In 35 States