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Raising the Minimum Wage for Working Men and Women in California and the Rest of America

The Last Arguments Against Raising the Minimum Wage Are Gone

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In a sensible world, the newest government study of the economic effects of raising the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour would end the discussion.

Here are the main points. See if you can guess which one has gotten the most headline play in the news.

1. Wages would rise for 16.5 million workers.

2. Income for families living below the poverty line would rise by a combined $5 billion, and by $12 billion for those earning less than three times the poverty level.

3. About 900,000 people would be moved out of poverty.

4. The raise would reduce total employment by about 500,000 workers.

If you guessed No. 4, have a cookie: You’re an expert in knowing how public policy gets reported in the U.S.

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