Raising the Minimum Wage for Working Men and Women in California and the Rest of America
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Gap's Minimum Wage Move Adds Twist to Debate

Can Minimum Wage Lift Dems in 2014?

The Conservative Argument for a Higher Minimum Wage

Raise the Wage: Why California Should Lead the Nation (Again)

No, a Minimum-Wage Boost Won’t Kill Jobs

Raise the Minimum Wage? No, Subsidize Wages Instead

The government should give vouchers to unemployed workers seeking low-income jobs. Those vouchers would provide wage subsidies to employers who hire them.

Why Backing the Minimum Wage Hike Makes Sense — for Wal-Mart

The Last Arguments Against Raising the Minimum Wage Are Gone

Increasing Pain for Entry-Level Workers

Result of new minimum wage proposals will be fewer job opportunities and reduced hiring.

Minimum Wage of $10.10

Seeing Through the CBO's Minimum Wage Fog

T's Time to Start Passing Minimum-Wage Hike

The vicious cycle of Republican opposition to a wage increase and the empty promises of reform from Democrats must end, a job-rights advocate says.

The Minimum-Wage Debate and the Case of the Missing Dishwasher

Should Restaurants Worry About Minimum Wages?

The Conservative Case for a Minimum Wage Hike

Should We Cut the Minimum Wage?

The Minimum Minimum Wage

Making the Case for Raising the Minimum Wage

It's the Right Time for a Minimum-Wage Boost

Some Surprising Words of Wisdom from Ron Unz

Raising the Minimum Wage Is the Right Idea for the Right

Why A Higher Minimum Wage Doesn't Kill Jobs

Freshman year economic theory doesn't apply.

For Workers on Bottom Rung, Wage Hike Could Make Big Difference

An L.A. proposal would nearly double the minimum wage paid to workers at large hotels, but owners and managers say it could lead to job cuts.

Making the Economic Case for More Than the Minimum Wage