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Raising the Minimum Wage for Working Men and Women in California and the Rest of America

Conservative Businessman Submits Ballot Initiative to Raise Minimum Wage to $12 in CA

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There are very few issues that have as much overwhelming support as raising the minimum wage; however – any attempt to do so in Congress is being blocked by the Republican party. Poll after poll shows Americans believe the minimum wage is too low; the last Gallup poll had 76% of Americans supporting it versus only 22% opposed (source). That’s a 5% increase in support in just 9 months.

With such overwhelming support – it’s hard to imagine why the Republican party is so dedicated to blocking workers from getting wages that will prevent themselves from being in poverty. That is until you understand that the Republican party is bought lock, stock and barrel by large business interests who make billions off of the backs of minimum wage workers. And while it’s true that the Democratic party is also subservient to business interests – those influential and wealthy interests either support it such as unions or are unaffected by it. For example – the movie , pharmaceutical, banking, AIPAC, insurance, defense, media, energy, NRA and tech lobbies are all mostly unaffected by a move to increase the minimum wage.

There is only one party blocking this – it’s not “they’re all guilty”. In March – every single Republican and six Democrats voted against raising the minimum wage (source). EVERY SINGLE ONE. Even more insulting is the growing list of Republicans who actually support eliminating the minimum wage all together like this guy HEREand these people HERE and these people HERE. My response? Fuck those guys.

So it’s awesome to see a self described conservative businessman pushing a ballot initiative in California to raise the minimum wage to $12. Clarence Page explains more HERE:

In California, fast-food workers and others who have been rallying nationwide for minimum wage increases, have found an unusual ally in Ron Unz. The conservative Silicon Valley businessman probably is best known for backing Proposition 227 in 1998, a ballot issue that eliminated bilingual education as it had been practiced in California schools.

Now the former publisher of The American Conservative magazine has submitted a ballot initiative to the California secretary of state that would raise the state minimum wage to $12 an hour in 2016 from the current $8.

His reasons? Strictly conservative, he points out. He sees it as an economic growth measure. It would put $15 billion a year into the pockets of workers who would spend it as “one of the largest economic stimulus packages in California history,” he told KQED radio. And it would be funded entirely by the private sector, he pointed out.

And yes – raising the minimum wage would be excellent for economic growth and that’s part of the reason why Republicans are against it; they know this would help the economy and they have done everything possible to sabotage the economy so they can blame Obamacare … killing two birds with one stone. And since Republicans have effectively shut down this very popular piece of legislation – it’s up to the states until Americans decide to vote out the Republican party. It’s important to note that the Democratic Congress in California voted to raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour in 2016; that’s already signed into law (source) …. but it’s not enough.

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