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Raising the Minimum Wage for Working Men and Women in California and the Rest of America

That Conservative-Backed Campaign to Hike California’s Minimum Wage Probably Won’t Happen

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It was exactly two months ago, during the brief and happy summer of Republican anti-poverty initiatives, that California conservative millionaire Ron Unz told me of his plans to put a minimum wage hike on the state’s November ballot. Unz went on quite a blitz, apparently (and then not apparently) winning support from Walmart, drawing attention from all manner of Thought Leaders.

Here’s where Thought Leading gets you. Unz has emailed supports to admit that it’s “unlikely that my $12 Minimum Wage initiative will reach the November ballot.” Unions, always skeptical, never got behind it. Unz’s whole memo on the fizzle is below.

After various ups and downs, it now seems unlikely that my $12 Minimum Wage initiative will reach the November ballot in California. This will surely come as a surprise to many people, including myself.

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