Raising the Minimum Wage for Working Men and Women in California and the Rest of America
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Minimum Wage Poll In Illinois, Ohio Finds Big Support for Increased Pay

Fight Over Minimum Wage Illustrates Web of Industry Ties

Very Few American Workers Actually Make the Minimum Wage

Campaign Underway to Lift Oakland's Minimum Wage

Raise Minimum Wage? City Shows Why It's Not So Simple

People in Massachusetts are arguing over a proposed raise in the minimum wage 75 cents above the federal minimum of $7.25 an hour, and the Legislature is considering a bill to raise it to $11 by 2016, which would be among the highest in the nation.

Raising the Minimum Wage Is More Popular Than Capitalism

Raising the Minimum Wage: A McDonald's-Killer, Not a McJobs-Killer

A new paper finds that fast-food restaurants are more likely to close when the minimum wage increases. The good news? New ones swoop right in to take their place.

Closing the Gap: Rep. George Miller on Why Raising the Minimum Wage Is Now Practical

As Minimum Wages Rise, Businesses Grapple with the Consequences

California Considers Highest Minimum Wage of Any State

Bill Sponsor: Fears of Raising Minimum Wage Unfounded

Minimum Wage a Defining Campaign Issue for Democrats

Minimum Wage on the Rise

Minimum-Wage Debate Rages on

Consensus elusive, despite 75 years of experience, countless studies

Getting by with the Minimum

Low wage workers say they live check to check, stay with relatives to survive

Minimum Wage Clash Seeks New Battlegrounds

Harkin: Minimum Wage Will Pass This Year

Poll Results: Minimum Wage

Conservative Ron Unz Pushing to Increase Minimum Wage

S.F. Praised as Model for U.S. on Increasing Minimum Wage

Obama’s Minimum Wage Order: How Much Impact?