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Raising the Minimum Wage for Working Men and Women in California and the Rest of America
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San Jose Minimum Wage: A Year-Old Success Story

Americans Split on Obama as 69% Back Minimum Wage Hike

Minimum Wage Campaign Gains White House, Small Biz Support

In the run-up to fall elections, the Obama Administration and wage advocates are presenting an increase in the federal minimum as a key tool to combat income inequality.

Highest Minimum-Wage State Washington Beats U.S. Job Growth

Bid to Hike L.A. Minimum Wage Gets Pair of Powerful Backers

Minimum Wage Increase in U.S. Will Probably Promote Spending

Walmart’s Shadow Minimum Wage Campaign

Billionaire Republican Donor Supports A $12 Minimum Wage

Working Poor's Plight a Major Issue in Year's Campaigns

5 Tycoons Who Want to Close the Wealth Gap

Nation's Problems Aren't Tech's Fault, Peter Thiel Says

Boehner: Suicide Over Minimum Wage Hike

Big Business Hits Back on Minimum Wage

Big business is striking back hard against President Obama's efforts to raise the minimum wage, using a government report released just Tuesday that said the effort would both lift people out of poverty and spur job losses.

Nation's Problems Aren't Tech's Fault, Peter Thiel Says

Why Wal-Mart May Move to Support Minimum-Wage Hike

The company may have a lot to gain from a federal increase.

Wal-Mart Poised for Henry Ford Moment Amid Minimum Wage Debate

Minimum Wage Job-Loss Report Is Cause for Republican Punt

Wal-Mart Says ‘Looking’ at Support of Minimum Wage Raise

Gap Ditches the Minimum Wage, Gives Raises to 65,000 Workers

White House Rushes to Attack CBO Report on Minimum Wages