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Raising the Minimum Wage for Working Men and Women in California and the Rest of America

13 States Will Raise Their Minimum Wage for the New Year

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WASHINGTON — Minimum wage workers in a handful of states will be ringing in the new year with an automatic pay raise.

As Congress considers legislation that would boost the federal minimum wage, at least 13 states will be raising the wage floor on their own next week. They’re led once again by Washington state, which will continue to have the highest state minimum wage in the nation, at $9.32 per hour.

A few cities and counties around the country will be raising their minimum wages as well, including San Francisco, which will set its at $10.74. San Francisco’s base will no longer be the highest municipal minimum wage in the country, however, after voters in SeaTac, Wash., approved a ballot measure setting a $15 wage floor for an estimated 6,000 airport workers. The SeaTac minimum wage is set to go into effect Jan. 1, although it’s currently being challenged in court.

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