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Opinion - Higher Wages for American Workers
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Raising the Minimum Wage for Working Men and Women in California and the Rest of America

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The Conservative Argument For Raising The Minimum Wage

Ron Unz's Push for $12/Hour Minimum Wage

Is It Time to Increase the Minimum Wage?

Push for Minimum Wage Increase for Hotel Workers

Conservative Republican Calls For Higher Minimum Wage

Conservative Ron Unz, "RAISE the Minimum Wage!"

A Conservative Case For A Higher Minimum Wage

Conservative Ron Unz Hopes To Boost CA Minimum Wage

A Wage Hike Campaign From An Unlikely Source

Silicon Valley multimillionaire Ron Unz is sponsoring a ballot initiative to raise California's minimum wage to $12 an hour, up from $8. NPR's Lynn Neary talks with the multimillionaire conservative, the former publisher of the American Conservative magazine, about why.

Meet the GOPer Pushing for Higher Minimum Wage

On Minimum Wage With Ron Unz

Garland Robinette and Ron Unz

The Push To Raise The Minimum Wage For All Americans

Norman Ornstein, Annie Lowrey, and Douglas Holtz-Eakin

GOP Tech Millionaire Advocates $12/hr Minimum Wage

Ron Unz and Lindsey Piegza

Employees Push for Living Wage

Ken Jacobs, Ron Unz

Jobs, Investment, and Rebuilding America

Michael Lind, Allen Sinai, Michael Tomasky, Sherle R. Schwenninger, and Ron Unz

Should Anyone Be Able To Take A Job Anywhere?

Bryan Caplan, Vivek Wadhwa, Kathleen Newland, and Ron Unz

Raising the Minimum Wage: A Different Approach to the Jobs Problem

Ron Unz, Heidi Shierholz, Christine Owens, and Nick Hanauer