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Raising the Minimum Wage for Working Men and Women in California and the Rest of America
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The Huge Economic Productivity of Divine Monarchs

How Diabolical Is Unz's Proposal?

Pelosi vs. Boehner on the Minimum Wage?

Pelosi's High Leverage Play

Ron Unz: Why I Dropped My Ballot Initiative to Raise California’s Minimum Wage

The conservative businessman and activist talks to The Nation about his unlikely support for raising the minimum wage, his views on immigration and more.

Banquo’s Ghost as a Minimum Wage Initiative

Libertarian Ron Unz’s Effort to Raise California Minimum Wage Derailed by Lack of Funds

A go-it-alone campaign falters in a state with coalition politics.

Entrepreneur's Push for $12 Minimum Wage Stalls

The Conservative Argument for Raising the Minimum Wage

Ron Unz: Minimum-Wage Measure Unlikely to Make Ballot

An Important Announcement

San Jose Minimum Wage: A Year-Old Success Story

California’s Coming Minimum Wage Restoration

A Conservative for Justice

Make Work Pay More

Why Help Just L.A.'s Hotel Workers Earn More?

Ron Unz's Push for $12/Hour Minimum Wage

America's Most Important Minimum-Wage Campaign Way Ahead in Polls, But Lacks Funding

A ballot initiative proposal in CA is in in trouble, even though it might win in a landslide.

Hey, Washington! the Pay Is Too Damn Low: The Minimum-Wage War

Giving America’s lowest-paid workers a raise is great for the economy. And even better for Democratic prospects in 2014

Libertarian Billionaire Peter Thiel Supports Raising the Minimum Wage