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Raising the Minimum Wage for Working Men and Women in California and the Rest of America
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Leno Bill Raising Minimum Wage Clears Labor Committee

SB 935 Increases Floor Wage in Three Steps, Creates Automatic Adjustments Starting in 2018

Pelosi vs. Boehner on the Minimum Wage?

Richmond's Minimum Wage Effort Misguided

Ron Unz: Minimum-Wage Measure Unlikely to Make Ballot

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Push for Minimum Wage Increase for Hotel Workers

Conservative Republican Calls for Higher Minimum Wage

For Workers on Bottom Rung, Wage Hike Could Make Big Difference

An L.A. proposal would nearly double the minimum wage paid to workers at large hotels, but owners and managers say it could lead to job cuts.

Campaign Underway to Lift Oakland's Minimum Wage

Way to Uplift?

Will Raising the Minimum Wage Share Prosperity?

California Considers Highest Minimum Wage of Any State

Bill Sponsor: Fears of Raising Minimum Wage Unfounded