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Raising the Minimum Wage for Working Men and Women in California and the Rest of America
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How Students in San Jose Raised the Minimum Wage

A community college class made social justice happen on November 6.

Raising American Wages...By Raising American Wages

San Jose Measure Boosts Efforts to Raise Minimum Wages

San Jose Voters Embrace Minimum-Wage Hike

Minimum Wage Increase Possible

Raise the Minimum Wage

Obama Needs More Than Symbolism of 'Buffett Rule'

Romney: Why It’s OK to Stick It to Him for Being a Mormon

Why We Must Raise the Minimum Wage

Instead of making vague promises to create high-paying jobs, the government should increase wages for the jobs that actually exist.

The Myth of the “Knowledge Economy”

Only 25 Per Cent of All Americans Go to College and Only 16 Per Cent of These Actually Try to Learn Anything. Welcome a Nation of Helots.

San Jose State Students Campaign to Raise City’s Minimum Wage

Immigration: Politics and CNN/Fortune

A New Day for the Minimum Wage?

This election season, influential Republicans are straying from party orthodoxy and are open to raising the minimum wage. But such a boost would not be a quick fix for a decade of stagnating wages.

America’s Last Chance

One Against the Empire

Could the GOP Get Behind A Minimum Wage Hike?

Immigration: Could Romney Hike the Minimum Wage?

Mitt Romney Supports Indexing the Minimum Wage

J.K. Galbraith on Unz on Immigration

How to Save the Global Economy: Raise the Minimum Wage. A Lot.