Raising the Minimum Wage for Working Men and Women in California and the Rest of America

Don't Raise the Minimum Wage

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Raise the minimum wage has been a mantra for the left over the last year. It has even been adopted by idosyncratic thinkers like Ron Unz and within our realm, Randall Parker. It will insprie innovation and automation. True. It will help shift burden to employers that the government picked up with social welfare. Possibly. It will be good for immigration. Hold it. Stop. This will not do a damn thing about immigration. This is a Pied Piper policy being pushed by a smart but out of touch brainiac who formerly opposed the last chance to save California, Prop 187. For anyone living in the real world, this will only lead to greater problems.

Of course the left wants to raise the minimum wage. The left is funded by and returns the favor back to union groups. Many unions have negotiated within their collective bargaining agreements automatic kickers that maintain a employee’s relationship to minimum wage. Any increase to minimum wage bumps their pay without any negotiations. Unions have been failing their labor clients for decades now, so this is a negotiating win for them without any work. That is the straight political play. Middle and small employers are already squeezed right now. The problem with US employment hiring has been big business who did not join in the last couple of “recoveries”. They took advantage of their size and capital to shift manufacturing out of the country. This move would screw smaller businesses.

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